Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, Day #6

Well, Pete came by this morning for a quick "good morning" before leaving to head to Washington DC. He was extremely nervous about leaving but I told him that we would behave and that he should go. He gets back tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, a combination of my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin are watching the girls while he is gone. I haven't seen them since Sunday and won't see them until tomorrow. Really missing them, but gotta focus on Jake. I keep thinking if (God-forbid) Claire or Grace had some disease that required they be in the hospital for 3 weeks, then the other two siblings would just have to deal and I would need to focus on that one. So here I am, Jake needs me to be in the hospital for three weeks and the other two (for lack of better words) are just going to have to deal. I can't wait to be their full-time mommy again, though :)

When you are in a situation like this, some people really surprise you. Others, unfortunately, can disapoint you but given my determination to stay positive...lets focus on those that have surprised me. And let me be clear, its not that they have surprised me because they are typically mean people that have turned nice. It is simply a surprise of how much these already wonderful people have stepped up and amazed me as individuals even more than they previously did :)

First off, day shift NICU nurses... Seeing as we don't work the same shift, it is no suprise that there has not been a lot of activity outside of work (unfortunately). But today, I found myself surrounded by three very wonderful, supportive, and not to mention hilarious nurses who decided to eat their lunch in my room. Thank you so much to Brooke, Alex, and Becca for coming!!

Secondly, night shift NICU nurses... I love who I work with, plain and simple. This experience has shown me how blessed I am to be surrounded by these people. There is no doubt that starting at a new place is a rough transition for me. I tend to revert back to my high school days and turn into this needy, have to be included, socially awkward goober. Mixed with this is the need to know people like me and almost measuring my happiness based on being liked. (Crazy therapy session moment, apparently) It took about 1 1/2 years in our NICU for me to finally just let that go and be myself. Crazy enough, people liked me just being myself and not trying to hard a lot more! I am ecstatic to work with these women and even more so that I typically have a visitor in my room every night. It is such a good feeling and has really helped me through this past week. Thanks to Emily, Sarah, Ashley K., Erica, Courtney, Ashley L., Courtney, Jackie, Cindy, Deb, Nancy, and anyone else I have missed! I REALLY appreciate seeing your smiling faces :)

Next on the list, friends or friends of friends from high school. Today I was overwhelmed with good ole' BCHS and it felt great. First, Mike came and took me on a wheelchair ride (YEAY) to get a fountain Diet Pepsi and we sat outside in the sunshine and talked...it was awesome! Then, an old friend, Liz that I haven't talked to in months stopped by and we talked and caught up for an hour or so. My good friend Scott has a fabulous wife, Rachel. They brought their adorable son, John David and some delicious Don Pablos! She also brought me some celebrity magazines... we chatted and laughed and it was simply a wonderful distraction from being stuck in here!

Family has been no surprise but I still feel unbelievably blessed. My brother has come every day for lunch in spite of having a newborn, recently taking time of work for that, and it being the end of month crunch time. My sister calls at least twice a day to talk to me and take my mind of things and to just check in. My mom... can't say enough. She has watched the girls pretty much every day. She has cleaned my house, done laundry, bathed the girls, and been a solid rock for Pete and I to lean on. Aside from immediate family, aunts and uncles and cousins have also helped or are on the schedule to help and we could not appreciate it more.

Ohio family and friends...from phone calls to emails to care packages - who could ask for anything more? Pete's family is wanting constant updates and have prayer groups offering up prayers for Jake and I. My friend Anne has called at least 3 times since I have been in here. Jake's godmother, Erin is calling and prays for us every day. Trina emails me and checks on me frequently and always makes me laugh. Erin, a girl I used to work with in the NICU, sent a wonderful care package. SO many others have shown such wonderful support and I could not be more grateful!!

I guess my point is THANK YOU for all of the love and support. It means more than you know and I will continue to embrace every ounce of it!


brooke said...

Keep these updates coming!!

Ashley said...

Yay for a wheelchair ride!!!! Keep it up girl!! :)