Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Claire was a giraffe this halloween

Pete and I threw together something for a family photo

Claire as a Christmas Giraffe?? Who knows!

Swim Lessons

We took 6 weeks of swim lessons and she absolutely LOVES the water!
Our friends Lindsey and Eve were in the class with us

Grandma was our swim instructor

Here's Claire floating in her life jacket - she loved it!

Claire 7 Months

First off, sorry this is such a late update on Claire and her 7 month update. She is doing well. She has three teeth now (all on the bottom), she is crawling quickly, pulling herself up to stand on furniture and (at times) tries to stand one handed against things or walk along furniture. We have moved from Ohio to our parents house in Indianapolis to be closer to my family and help out with my dad and family stuff. Here are some pictures from this last month with Claire...
... a little high, dad!
she seemed to love it!

hanging out with Uncle Tim
visiting with Aunt Kathy

played with Uncle Mike

Thanks for the outfit, Aunt Kathy


Reunited with our dog!

Miss Audrey and Ashley helped us pack up our house

Love my bath

Checking herself out

Trying on her new coat for the winter

Dressed and ready for snow

Tried spaghetti for the first time

Not sure what she thought of it at first...

but then she LOVED it


One proud papa

Our little pumpkin

Snuggling with her first teddy bear

SO tired

Here are two of her teeth

Halloween and Swim Lessons to come!