Saturday, May 16, 2015

April 2015

We started April off with the loud noises of renovation.  For those of you that know me, dust/messes and I do not get along.  I've had to reach deep into my non-OCD side to get through the month of April and not want to clean every.single.night!

We celebrated Easter (which happened to be my dad's birthday) in the beginning of April.  We did a scavenger hunt with clues to find baskets, looked for eggs in the backyard, went to church, can had a delicious meal of steaks at Bob and Karen's house.  We also did a balloon release for my dad after church.  We went to the store and each picked out a balloon.  The kids wrote birthday and Easter messages for him and then we let them go into the sky.  We plan on making this a tradition on his birthday!

We went to Indianapolis in the beginning of April and had a short visit (unfortunately) with my family.  We enjoyed spending time with family and the kids had a blast with Allison and Sarah.

Here are some pictures from our month of April:

Easter pictures:

Balloon release for my dad:

Easter dinner at the Vandervaarts:

Night one renovation dinner in the living room with plastic draped in background :)

Pictures from our visit to Indianapolis:

The girls felt extra sassy before heading to school one day

Mid-April we went to an auction with Bob and Karen for breast cancer and Karen's dragonboat team.

The hospital I work for provides helmets for every 1st grader in Stark County.  I was able to volunteer for Claire's class specifically and had a great time teaching bike safety and fitting her and her classmates for helmets.

Jake loved this hole from 1st floor looking down into the basement.

The Girl Scout Troop earned a spa day for all of their hard work with cookie sales and Claire was graciously grandfathered in.  The moms did the girl's hair, fingernails and toe nails.

Just a nice evening with sidewalk chalk

Pictures from our renovation:

Hope you had a good April!

March 2015

March was a month filled with birthdays, swim lessons, school, visitors, Girl Scouts and every day life!

We started out the month going to a benefit called "Hearts for Hope" that focuses on domestic violence prevention.  Pete and I have really started to love silent and live auctions and sometimes the thrill of winning overtakes our sense of budget.

We celebrated my birthday with my two sisters in law at the Vandervaart house on my birthday and it was really nice.  It always feels good to feel special on your birthday and Bob and Karen always do a great job of that. 

As far as the kids go - they all had a dentist appointment in mid March and Claire had 2 cavities. (!)  The dentist said that where her adult teeth had grown in, there was a "divit" that would turn into a full cavity if we didn't intervene now.  That appointment is scheduled for early June and Pete and I are still drawing straws to see who gets to take her!  Claire also attended a softball clinic at the high school (girl after my own heart) and she loved it!  Claire also joined Girl Scouts this month - right AFTER the cookie sales were final - poor timing on our part!  We had a parent/teacher conference and Claire's teacher said she is right where she needs to be and maybe even a little above when it comes to reading.  Finally, our little lady turned SEVEN and we celebrated with a party at Chuck E Cheese.  She had a great time and it was great to celebrate with our family and friends.

I registered Grace for kindergarden (sniff) in March and it is so cute to hear the girls talk about when they are at the same school.  Claire always says "Grace, I'll sit by you on the bus if you are scared and show you were the cafeteria is" and Grace just smiles with delight.  Grace (with Claire and Jake) continues to take swim lessons on Wednesdays.  She is progressing well in her class, but it continues to be a joke that she doesn't speak much.  This is NOT the case at home.  Sometimes, Pete and I look at each other and just laugh because she does NOT stop talking!

Jake is a typical 4 year old boy.  He likes to hide things, destroy things, throw fits, hit and scream.  With that being said, he also has a heart of gold.  He has moments where is just blows me away with sharing, consideration or just saying he loves me for no reason at all.  Sometimes our patience with Jake gets tested, but we try and recognize that it is just a stage and try to be consistent with parenting and necessary disciplines.

Other news from this month...
I continued with a very challenging class for my Master's degree and had 2 discussions and 3 tests in the month of March. 
My mom visited at the end of the month to attend Claire's birthday party and help watch the kids over spring break.
The Getty family also came at the end of March for Claire's birthday party and a visit.  It is always great to see them and hang out.
Finally, we spent the end of March packing up our kitchen and first floor to get ready for a big renovation that we have been planning for a while now. 

Here are some pictures from our month of March:

Hearts for Hope Auction:

Birthday celebrations:

In the beginning of March we went to Claire's school for a PTO Carnival:

Claire's 1st Girl Scout Meeting

Birthday celebration with Scott

Girl Scout Cookie Booth

Jake decapitated Elsa...
(see what I mean? :))

Claire's birthday!

Every Friday, Claire's class has a "mystery reader" come in and the kids have no idea whose family it is.  My mom and I surprised Claire on the last Friday in March and she was SO excited!

Claire's birthday party:

Visit with the Getty family

Our little man

Hope you had a great March!