Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014

We started our new year taking many trips to the doctor's offices and even a trip to the ER.  After going 5 1/2 years with only 1 ear infection total, we managed to get 3 ear infections in the 4 weeks!  Each child took their turn being miserable and I feel truly grateful that we have never had any children with chronic ear infections.  We started the month with Grace having an unexplained limp.  When we asked Grace what happened she said "Claire pushed me"....however, Pete and I didn't witness any such thing. :)  Her daycare called a couple of times with concerns about the limping foot so we took her to the ER and they did not find anything wrong.  

We celebrated Pete's birthday this month and were able to go out to a "family style" restaurant with some close friends.  On his actual birthday, his family came over and we made omelets for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner is one of Pete's favorite dinners!  Pete continues to stay busy with work, coaching soccer, and playing in an "Over 30" men's league.  He has also earned "Dad of the Year" in my book and does laundry, dishes, keeps the house in order, bathes the kids and puts them to bed at least 3 evenings a week while I am at work.

Claire has had a great month at school...the 6 days she went in the month of January!  She continues to get good colors on her behavior clip chart at school and we got her first report card.  She meets almost all of the recommended skills and we hope she is "excelling" by the end of the year.  We have some "sight word" flash cards that we do with her and I continue to be impressed by her reading ability.  She is growing into such a lovely young lady and I am so tickled by her compassion and caring heart!

Grace, on the other hand...ha!  I laugh because when my dad used to write monthly memories down, he would tend to "kindly" discuss what a trouble I was to raise! (I know, hard to believe!) And it turns out Grace is her mother's daughter.  She is so wonderful in so many ways, but our current struggle is working on whining.  She tends to throw some fits and cries and then has a hard time recovering.  Yesterday, I sent her to her room and told her she could come out when she was done crying and whining.  She sat up there quietly for an hour.  I went up 3 times to check on her and told her she could come out if she wanted, but it had to be on HER time.  That's another thing...she is stubborn!  

Jake is a one-man wrecking crew.  He has crazy energy and just wants to throw stuff, hit stuff, eat stuff, etc!  He is still my little man and melts my heart.  We have tried to start potty-training this month and are on/off successful.  We have sporadically tried here and there but yesterday was our big official start day.  Fingers crossed that by my next update, this house will be diaper free!!

We took the kids to a hotel about an hour away with an indoor water park.  It was a small indoor water park and was the perfect size for us.  The kids had a great time and were exhausted when we left on Sunday.  It was a perfect little overnight and it was great to see the kids having such a good time.

Here is Grace in the ER and getting an x-ray on her foot

 In the beginning of the month we had some friends over and the kids snuggled up to watch a movie

Random January family photo

Jake enjoying his oreo after successfully going potty on the potty
 On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I sometimes get the opportunity to pile into bed with these two cuties!

 All three have swim lessons one evening a week.  Claire is at lessons right now and the other two are getting ready!

Claire and Grace are obsessed with the movie "Frozen".  Here are the two main characters which they loves to play with all the time!

One night we had a nice little family night and made some smores by the fire.  The kids had fun, but the marshmallows were MESSY!

Here are the pictures from the overnight at the indoor water park.

 Exhausted and asleep

 Brave boy going down the slide!

Claire (above) and Grace (below) being daredevils as they went down the slide

Pete making omelets on his birthday - it was HIS request to make them even though it seems cruel to make the birthday boy cook his own birthday dinner!

Poor Grace not feeling well with her ear infection

Big sister, Claire has the biggest heart!

One night when I had to work, Pete took the kids over to his parent's house who have a big hill in their back yard.  They played in the snow and had a great time!

 Who knew?  She may trip and fall when she is barefoot or in tennis shoes, but apparently her coordination in the snow is impeccable!

Claire lost her 4th tooth this month - her other big front tooth.  So now she has a big gap, but I still think she's adorable! :)

The last weekend in January/first in February we went to Indianapolis to visit my family.  On Saturday morning we went swimming with the White family and were able to spend lots of quality time with family and friends.  Here are some pictures from our swimming.

Hope you had a wonderful January as well!