Friday, May 6, 2011

Day #3

Well, here I am at the end of my third day and I am feeling pretty crummy right now. Pretty much just exhausted which seems crazy considering I have done nothing for 3 straight days. Problem being, I have also not slept much... a total of about 9 hours my entire stay so far. The nurse decided to call the doctor for a sleeping cocktail so I think they are going to knock me out tonight :)

Good news was last night they decided to leave my IV out. I fully understand that I will have to have access when I start to act up more but for now they feel safe giving me a break without an IV. They have talked about just putting a PICC line in because I am such a tough IV stick and the last one only lasted 18 hours. I've seen it done tons of times on babies, but for some reason I am still nervous for whenever they might be doing it to me. I suppose that is normal though...

Today started off with breakfast with my hubby which was awesome and a visit from the doctor. He spoke with us about the fact that when Jacob is delivered, there is a definite chance that it will be an emergent situation. He wanted to prep us for the fact that they may have to do a hysterectomy during the c-section if the bleeding is not able to be controlled. The idea of a hysterectomy at 28 years old is very scary/sad. BUT, we will (God willing) have three healthy children so we need to focus on that, have faith, and count our that is what we are going to do!

Afterwards I took a shower and watched "Grown Ups". The movie was pretty funny and helped pass 1-2 hours. My brother came and joined me for lunch and then a friend from work brought a bunch of TV seasons for me to watch for entertainment. The afternoon was pretty lonely but I tried to stay busy with "to do" lists and solitaire.

My mom, Claire, Grace, and Pete were here for dinner which was nice. I am sad at the mom that I am to the girls right now. I know that I can't help it, but I get so excited for them to come visit and then when they are here, I realize that all of their climbing, wanting to be held, and pulling on me is really a hazard/risk so then I try and balance it out. It would be awesome if they came and just sat quietly on my lap....ha! Yea right!! I love watching them run around and play in my room but I have to explain to Claire why I can't come with her and it breaks my heart to see her bottom lip pout out and to hear her say "But why mommy?" I just have to keep telling myself that she won't remember this and that in a 3 year-0lds mind, these weeks will be remembered like days to her.

So, goal for tonight is to get some sleep! Hoping to wake up tomorrow and be revived, refreshed and 33 weeks pregnant!!

Thanking God for another passing day with a healthy baby boy and family :)

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brooke said...

One more day down~~ Keep clicking them off! It will be so worth it. Keep blogging. It's good therapy.