Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skype with Aunt Beth

Grace's Vocabulary

Grace says baby Jake in such a funny way that I tried to get it on video.  She says it in the very beginning and you can tell how hard I try to get her to say it again :)

Teaching Her Early...

Pete taught Claire the proper celebration after scoring a soccer goal...

September 2011

September absolutely FLEW by for us!  We started the month out with Jake's baptism on September 3rd.  We were blessed to have lots of family and friends travel to come for this event. 

Claire and Grace started preschool at the end of August.  They have adjusted very well.  We really like the school.  We get report cards every day to let us know how they did with each activity, snack/meal, and their day in general.  The first Tuesday of every month they have a book mobile come and they have other fun surprises like a fire truck coming and field trips.  We went on their first field trip yesterday to the pumpkin patch (pictures soon to come).

Jake is rolling over, holding his head up and we are on an awesome schedule.  He eats 4 - 8 oz bottles at 8, 12, 4, and 8 and sleeps through the night.  We are SO thankful for him being so laid back and such a good sleeper...especially with the girls seeming to require so much.

We started swim lessons at the YMCA with Grammy.  Grace swims first with Grammy on Wednesday mornings and then its Claire's turn.  Claire wears goggles and goes under water all by herself now.  She is doing great.

Claire started Sunday school in the middle of September and she calls it "Church" school.  She likes it a lot and has learned that "Jesus loves all children, Jesus loves his sheep (the lesson was that Jesus is a Good Shepherd), and Jesus is my friend". 

Here are pictures from our month...

 Jake's baptism outfit
(Pete's mom made a baptismal gown out of my wedding dress that Claire and Grace wore but we wanted to "boy" it up a little bit for Jake)

 We tried to potty train Grace and she had several accidents BUT she pooped on the potty TWICE!

 We were honored to have Matt and Erin Miller as Jake's Godparents