Monday, April 18, 2011

Professional Photos

We took the girls to get their pictures taken and I was very nervous but they did great! Here are some pictures...

Claire and Grace playing

Here is a video of Claire trying to feed Grace her drink and then Grace trying to feed Claire a cracker...but then Claire taking matters into her own hands :)

Happy Birthday, Claire

Singing to Claire in Ohio on her birthday...

Grocery List

Here is a video of Claire "reading" what is on the grocery list...

Holding hands

During our recent trip to Ohio, we looked back and saw Grace and Claire holding hands. We thought it was adorable so we got a video of it :)

March 2011

To be honest, most of the month of March was a bit of a blur. My dad's illness was an up and down rollercoaster that seemed to consume most days and evenings. As mentioned in a previous entry, my dad passed away on March 21st. I still think about him every day and miss him dearly. I will always strive to be the kind of person that he was.

On to happier notes, though... March also involved Claire's 3rd birthday! It was a particularly fun birthday because she understood what her birthday meant, the cake and candles, gifts, and birthday song. Claire and Grace are interacting a lot more and having a lot more fun together. Here are some pictures from our month...

The following are pictures from Claire's birthday party in Indiana.

For my birthday, a friend from work brought over some delicious cupcakes. Each girl got their own and they loved them!!

Claire and Grace with their capes!