Monday, March 22, 2010

Professional Photos

I took Claire and Grace to get their pictures taken and although it was quite a challenge. It took an hour but we got a lot of good pictures once the girls decided to cooperate! Here they are... Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rocking and Staring

Claire rocks Grace and then they have a staring contest!


Here is Claire playing peek-a-boo with Grace with a little bit of tickling. This video proves how laid back Grace is :)

Claire, did you poop? :)

Here is a video where I know Claire has pooped but she doesn't want me to change her diaper. She has been walking funny for about 5 minutes but refuses to admit she pooped! (Also, I made an error and meant to say "Let's go change your diaper" rather than "Let's go poopies")

February 2010

Sorry for the delayed update - our laptop decided to stop working so we have had to get the new one up and running before we could update. February was a great month - I went back to work, Mike & Anne came to visit, spent some quality time with Keith, Pete and I went on a date and the girls have just continued to grow, grow, grow. Grace weighs in at 13 lbs, 14 oz and is 25 inches long. She smiles all the time, is very laid back, and recently learned to roll over. Claire is such a character - her vocabulary continues to expand, she is understanding more, and has officially started to raid the fridge and pantry! Claire also started swim lessons at the YMCA. Here are some pictures from our month...

Claire in curls

Curly Claire and Mommy

Tummy time for Grace

Grace loves her swing

Claire and Grace

Daddy's little girl

All smiles

Happy Valentine's Day

Grace does NOT appreciate her bumbo chair


For being such a GREAT big sister - we bought Claire the Wonder Pets Flyboat!

Claire loves her M&Ms

Such big brown eyes!

Claire reading to Grace

Grace and Claire's first bath together

More tummy time for Grace

Regression by Claire? Nah! :)

Claire jumping into Dad at her swim lessons
(Now she can hold the wall and move herself left and right, she can go under water and hardly ever coughs, jump off the edge to someone, and move her arms and legs at the same time while reaching)

Grace and Claire admiring the rainforest animals together

Grace is not quite sure what to think of her bath

We made cookies on Valentine's Day - both girls were good helpers!

Claire testing out the Bumbo seat for Grace

Claire LOVES to paint

Such a happy little baby girl!