Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015

We had a wonderful month of January.  I think we speak for many when we say that we are ready for warmer weather, however!

Laura started her next class for her Master's degree - Advanced Pathophysiology.  Rumor has it - this is one of the hardest classes in her curriculum and it is proving to be just that!  She also took an exam to become a "certified" NICU nurse.  This test is similar to the boards to become an RN, it simply just states that she is "certified" or "specialized" in neonatalogy nursing.  She found out last week that she passed this exam!

Pete remains busy as the president of the Strikers organization.  He is trying to get things ready for spring registration and continues to keep Claire involved in soccer throughout the winter.  Although its a lot of work, I really think he is enjoying his role in this amazing organization.

Claire is really enjoying school.  We are so proud of her in general and have seen her reading, writing and math skills accelerate over these last couple of months.

Grace has (without a doubt) come out of her shell.  We find ourselves hearing her raising her voice more and yelling at the other two kids.  Its almost as if she was quiet for so long, now she has 5 years to make up for.  :)

Jake's teacher expressed some genuine concerns about his hearing and thought we should look into seeing an audiologist.  After taking him to the pediatrician to get a referral and have him diagnosed with strep - the doctor and I decided that he just has selective hearing!

Here are some pictures from our month of January:

We started the month by celebrating Christmas with our good friends - the Koutsis and Farnsworth families.  It is so wonderful to see the kids growing up together and getting along so well.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Beth got us tickets to get see "Disney on Ice: Frozen" - it was such a fun night and the kids had an absolute blast!  Here are some pictures from our evening:

So thankful for my wonderful husband for quizzing me and helping me study for my RNC exam!

We went to Chucke Cheese for our friend, Ella's, birthday party.  The kids were obsessed with Chucke :)

We watched the Colts for the AFC championship - we just wish the outcome would have been different!

We celebrated Pete's birthday with a homemade cake before Claire and Pete left for practice

Towards the end of January, we met up with the Getty family to go swimming at an indoor water park.  It is always a great time to see them and we enjoyed catching up with them.

We went to the arcade and Grace took a gamble - instead of taking the 206 ticket deal, she decided to say "no deal" and her case had 400 (max) tickets!!!!  She got a plastic toy that broke and was in the trash by that night! Ha ha!

 Playing in the snow!

If only you knew how much fighting they did over these skirts... Jake included...

We ended the month with a date night

 Quick family photo before mom and dad head out for their long overdue date night!