Saturday, September 26, 2009

Claire Goes "Boom"

Claire's 18 Month Photo Shoot

This past week, Claire and I went to JC Penney to get some 18 month pictures taken. Claire wasn't the most cooperative, but we were able to snap a few during the moments that she was sitting still. Here are a few of the best ones taken...

This is what Claire did when the photographer asked her to jump :)

Don't be fooled by that pretty smile... :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grandpa Carroll's Update

Dad went into the hospital on August 12th for his second bone marrow transplant. He was doing wonderfully for the first couple of weeks. Unfortunately, he spiked an unidentified temperature that got as high as 103.5. They transferred him down to ICU to run tests and try and find the source of the infection. Unfortunately, by the end of the day on the 27th, he was put on the ventilator and remained on the ventilator for 12 days. His total time in the ICU was 17 days but we were very happy that he was transferred back to the 6th floor on September 13th. A few days later on Thursday, September 17th he was transferred to a rehab hospital where they think he will be for about a month. His biggest struggle right now is learning how to move his muscles again. He can now help himself to a drink, scratch his face, and hit the nurse call button. We look forward to the day that he learns to stand and walk again. All of the prayers and support are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Here is a picture of him in the ICU sitting up on the side of the bed for the first time...

Claire Bear feeding Grandpa some popcorn

Claire giving Grandpa a big smooch :)

Here we are today (September 22nd) sitting outside of the rehab hospital... the first time he has been outside in over a month!

He was so happy to be outside and really enjoyed the breeze

Go Colts!!

As the new NFL season kicks off, we have taught Claire a few tricks. She will now cheer "Go Colts!" and puts her hands up and yells "Touchdown!" Who needs a boy when you've got Claire? :)

August 2009

August proved to be a busy month for us. My dad went into the hospital on August 12th for his second transplant, more updates on that in a bit. We took a trip to North Carolina to visit Matt and Erin Miller which was very relaxing and enjoyable. My camera was broken for about 2 weeks so we do not have a lot of pictures, but here are some from August...

Claire doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
We went with the White family to a place called "Monkey Joe's" which is a indoor inflatable playground. We had a great time and the kids were exhausted!

Claire and Jackson enjoyed going down the slides :)

Group photo after all of the fun

Claire loves when we put her hair up - she sits on the sink and watches in the mirror as I do her hair... the more hair ties the better for her :)

Tickle, tickle, tickle...

Such a pretty little girl

On the way to North Carolina, Claire and I stopped at a park while Pete worked for a little bit in Cincinnati. She wasn't sure what to think of the water holes...

She ended up LOVING them as you can tell by the soaked clothes

She began attacking and drinking from the holes

She still LOVES her bath

We went to the Indiana State Fair and had a great time. She rode a bumble bee ride with dad

...the carousel ride with mom

She chowed down and LOVED the corn on the cob

The goat was the only animal she was willing to pet

The shirt speaks for itself

As always, Claire enjoyed some play time with Jackson

July 2009

Obviously we are a little behind with the updates but as you will soon find, we have had a lot going on these past couple of months. The month of July involved a trip to Dewart lake with family, the 18th annual Beach Mo, as well as a vacation to North Canton to see family and friends and Nashville to see Beth. Here are some pictures from July...

The shirt speaks for itself :)

Say "Cheese"

While in North Canton, Grandma and Claire got in the hot tub to splash around

We had many birthdays to celebrate while we were there

While traveling, we went to Chucke Cheese and Claire learned to play ski ball :)

She was very proud of herself

Where did all the balls go?

While in Nashville with Beth, we went to Nashville Shores for fun on the beach and in pools

Claire and Aunt Beth


One night we had a babysitter and went out on the town

We went to the park in Nashville and had a great time

Claire and Beth playing in the mulch

Family photo :)

In the lake at Nashville Shores

Claire with Grandma and Grandpa

Claire with Great Grandma and Grandpa

Another family photo

Claire showing off her new dress from Grandma

She has been learning animal sounds
(Pete and I's favorite is the monkey, cow, or rooster)

Claire likes to "help" with the laundry

Claire snuggling with her favorite monkey
She enjoyed her first ice cream cone

She loved it... Luckily, it was bath night :)
Little shaggy with a great smile