Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December 2015

December was a busy month for our family as I am sure it was for everyone.

I finished my 4th class of my Master's program and continue to keep trucking along.  My next class is Advanced Pharmacology and I am dreading it!  I continue to love my job and try to count my blessings every day.  The holiday season always makes me think of the many blessings in my life.

Pete continues to be very involved with one of the local soccer organizations.  It is very fun to see him live out one of his dreams and his love for soccer - even though my love for soccer is lacking!

Claire started basketball at the local YMCA in December and she really likes it.  She has a hard time since she is the only girl on the team.  Pete and I have really enjoyed watching her run suicides and tower over the rest of her teammates.

Grace is obsessed with reading.  She does such a wonderful job and is such a joy.  Sometimes her smartness can drive all of us a little crazy.  I say "Happy New Years" and she corrects me that it is in fact "Happy New Year - not more than one 'year'" (Sigh...)

Jake listening skills have gotten mildly better.  I will say that I think he is one my most most polite children.  He nearly always remembers to say please and thank you - even if it is screaming from the bathroom, "MOM, WILL YOU PLEASE WIPE MY BUTT??"  Ha ha

We started the month of December with the Jake's Christmas Program.  He did a really great job on stage.  Grace and I attended "The Nutcracker" with her Daisy Girl Scout trip.  We had a great time and only 2 out of 6 moms fell asleep. :)  I took all three kids to the dentist and the dentist recommended that I start saving for braces.  Claire has an appointment in January.  

We were fortunate enough to head to Indianapolis for a long weekend in December to celebrate Christmas.  We had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends.

For New Year's Eve - we had no plans.  It was amazing.  We went over to our neighbor's house for a couple of hours and then came back home and ate snack foods and watched the ball drop.

Here are some pictures from our month of December:

Jake's Christmas Program

Nutcracker with Grace

Breakfast with Santa - Jake had the flu so it was just a girl's breakfast

The following are pictures from our trip to Indianapolis


We were so glad to be able to spend an evening with the White family!

While in Indy, we were able to go see Santa

Beth and Matt got the kids Build-A-Bears for Christmas

Christmas Eve tradition - homemade pizza

Christmas Eve ceremony - they had costumes for the kids to dress up (Jake was a sheep and Claire and Grace were angels)

Christmas at our house...

Christmas at the Vandervaarts...

 One December evening, Grammy and Opa came over and decorated cookies with our kids

Happy New Year from our family to yours!