Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going to see Santa

We recently went to go see Santa... Here she is in the car on the way
Here we are waiting in a VERY long line

Here she is with Santa!! Not the happiest, but at least she didn't cry! :)

Merry Christmas and we will post more pictures soon!

Monday, December 1, 2008

8 Months Old

This past month has been ridiculously busy for the Vandervaart family. Since moving to Indianapolis, my dad's cancer has seemed to have gotten worse and new symptoms have developed. Although in wonderful spirits, he has been falling down and feeling weak so he was admitted into the hospital for nearly 2 weeks. Meanwhile, my parents are doing some reconstruction on their house, Pete and I have been orienting to new jobs, and on top of it all - my parents house was robbed. Everyone is safe and my dad was out of the hospital by Turkey Day! Although things may seem like a bit of a down pour at times - we are able to find many things to be grateful for. Claire has been getting braver when it comes to standing on her own and walking along furniture. She has four teeth now and still very much enjoys her bath! Here are some pictures of Claire from this past month.

Visiting Grandpa Carroll in the hospital

Cheering on the Colts with Dad

"Allow me to explain myself..."

She loves sitting/rocking in her chair

Making goofy faces with mom

Ready for the snow


Shirt says: "I've been good all year!"

...I guess she'll still make the "Nice" list

Pretty in pink :)

We've been hanging out with Jackson a lot

Jackson and Claire have lots of fun together

Concentrating on swinging at the park

Went for a long bike ride with mom and dad

I was POOPED afterwards
~Thanks for checking in on us~