Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Claire meets Chucke Cheese

Claire has been to Chucke Cheese twice now - the first time was on her birthday and we went again when Nana and Papi came to visit. She LOVES it!
Here are pictures of Nana and Claire crawling in the tubes

Nana helped her Claire find her way

She came out of the tubes to say "hi"

Claire giving Chucke a kiss

Going for a drive with Chucke

Claire on the kiddy carousole

A little unsure about going down the slide

Looks pretty happy on the way down though :)

Pretty content on this ride

Our little family :)

Already loves the phone

Riding the fire truck
One of her favorite rides

Riding the horse again

Cruising with the mouse :)

Ready for PIZZA! :)

Aunt Kim and Kristen worked VERY hard to win Claire this Chucke Cheese shirt!

Claire's 1st Birthday Party (Indiana version)

We had a second party for Claire in Indianapolis and Grandma and Grandpa Carroll's house. Here are a few photos from her (second) first birthday party!
Here is Claire unenthusiastically eating her food :)

Claire wasn't that into her cake so Korbin and Jackson helped her eat it

After getting messy with the cake, Claire and Jackson got in the tub

We went to the park for a little bit to play on the swings

Here is Claire playing with her new sand/water table

Caterpillar cupcake cake

We also watched Purdue make it to the Sweet Sixteen!
It was a great birthday party and thanks to everyone that helped make it happen!