Thursday, June 3, 2010

Claire loves giraffes

We went to the zoo the other day and here is a video of Claire showing us the giraffes, trying to take a picture of the giraffes herself, and then blowing the giraffes kisses.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Here is Claire doing a halfway performance of a Wiggle song on her favorite TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba. The song tells her to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, then hold still. She is usually much more animated about it, but always gets camera shy...

Claire explaining herself

After spilling a freshly opened, family size box of fruit loops... Claire explains herself in so many words...

Claire stretching

Here is Claire stretching before her soccer game

Claire's warm-up lap

Claire's warm-up lap at her soccer game...

Claire "jumping rope"

Here is Claire's attempt at jumping rope...

Claire playing with Blocks

Here is a video of Claire playing with blocks, showing off her knowledge of colors, and saying "I Love You"

Where are your cheekies?

Pete has taught Claire that when you ask "Where are your cheekies?" she points to her butt cheeks! ... Nice one! :)

May 2010

May was a very fun-filled month for us. Claire was involved in a soccer clinic at the YMCA and actually had a soccer game! Grace is reaching for toys and continues to roll from stomach to back and back to stomach. Our friend, Amber, came to visit and we went out for a Girl's Night Out which was very enjoyable! The girls just absolutely adore each other... when one walks into the room, the other one lights up. It is so fun to watch. Claire is always very concerned about Grace and what she is doing and you can tell that she is anxious for Grace to be able to be a play buddy to her. Here are some pictures from our month. (Sorry that some of these pictures uploaded sideways)

My mom and sister and I out on the town :)

Amber and I before heading out for Girl's Night Out

The girls at the park

Claire swinging (her favorite park feature)

Grace happy as can be

Claire helping herself to some fruit loops
(Pete turned his back and she dumped the entire family size box of fruit loops)

Those big beautiful eyes

Grace and Claire doing tummy time together

More tummy time together

Claire in her jersey during her soccer game

Claire happy to be sitting on the sidelines

Claire with her game face on :)

Grace watching her sister on the sidelines

Claire's fan base

"I love my bottle..."

Grace slowly slipping into a milk coma

Girls swinging at the park

Claire coming out of a tunnel slide

Grace sleeping at the park

Claire swinging from the bars

Claire climbing a ladder at the park

Memorial Day pool time

Claire and Grace watching Toy Story

Grace working on sitting up... but falling over

That's more like it, Grace!

Claire LOVES going fishing

Claire's face after a fish was caught

Say "Cheese"

Two girls... best of friends!

Grace scratches her head when she is tired

Claire and Dad grilling
Claire was sharing her favorite blanket and snuggling with Grace before bed

Grace still working on sitting up

Grace reaching for her toy

SO tired after reaching her toy

Beach baby

Asking Claire to make a silly face (Not exactly sure where her shirt is)

Claire's favorite part of soccer - picking dandelions

Claire showing off her soccer skills
Like daddy like daughter - she loves kicking the soccer ball