Thursday, August 12, 2010

Claire and Jude Jumping

Claire and Jude were jumping in this awesome bounce house toy my mom got Claire for her birthday!

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Claire singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

July 2010

Our July served to be extremely busy. We started out the 4th of July weekend with a visit from Pete's parents and his twin sisters. It was enjoyable but, unfortunately, I had to work the entire weekend. The next weekend we went on our 5th annual Carroll Camping trip. We went to Whitewater Memorial Park. It was very enjoyable and we really think we will return to this camping ground again. The next weekend we went to Ohio for our friend's wedding. We stayed with Matt and Erin Miller (since Pete's family was out of town) and it was wonderful - excellent hospitality! The next weekend I worked and Pete went back to Ohio for a quick visit. Finally, the last weekend in July we went BACK to Ohio to meet up with all of Pete's family at a cabin near Hocking Hills. It was an absolute blast! We played games, hung out in the hot tub, and ate A LOT! :) On Saturday, I drove up to Columbus to meet up with some girls for my friend, Trina's bachelorette party. As you can see, it was a busy month! I am updating in mid August and Claire now has NO binky, is in a big girl bed, and still potty training. She is also in a big girl car seat since her little sis was getting to big for the pumpkin car seat. Grace went for her 9 month check up and is 20 lbs 14 oz (80th percentile) and 28.5 inches long (90th percentile). We were surprised she was so tall but I think her adorable chunkiness makes it less noticeable. She has also started to army crawl and is eating soft table foods. We are trying to work on eating all meals at the table together. Claire lasts about 5 minutes usually but she is started to get that if she doesn't eat, she doesn't get to snack either. Well, enough of this long-winded update... here are some pictures from our month of July...

Keith took Dad to go see his favorite nurse at the rehab center - they made the newsletter!

Grace ready for a road trip

More than just a personality like Uncle Tim...shares basketball skills, too!

Look at those kissable cheeks

Grace excited for her bath (In the beginning of the month, she started taking baths like her big sister... we just needed her to get more stable sitting up so now she sits in the bath tub with Claire)

Claire ready to go play at the mall (hence why she is dressed in yellow, so I can keep track of her!)

Who knew that kids would love laundry baskets so much?

Adult craft activity among friends that just seemed funny on Grace :)

Walked in at night to find Grace with her arm and one leg out of the crib and one leg kicked up - she was sound asleep until mommy took a picture!

Claire and Grace in the bath together

Claire and her new pal, Jude!

Happy as can be

When one sister is awake before the other, we usually walk in together and they get into bed together for a little while and play.

Remember how hard it was to get a picture of the two of them? Getting easier!

Again with the laundry basket :)

Big girl sitting up so strong

Daddy and his girls

Was fun while it lasted - shortly after the picture, Grace over-turned but didn't even cry

Grandma turned 60 and we had everyone over for dinner
My cousin, Jessie came into town from Arizona and it was SO great to see her and her dad

Grace in her first official big girl bath

Claire and Grace together - I know Claire appreciates the company

Dont worry, we lowered the rim and Pete was standing right there

Grace learning to eat table foods

Started off a little shaky but slowly got the hang of it

During Pete's family visit, they brought their kayaks and everyone had a blast - including Claire

At first, she was not sure about it

But then she went out with daddy and grammy and had a blast!
The following are pictures from our 5th Annual Carroll Camping trip...

Aunt Beth and Grace

The boys grilling out

We brought a baby pool to help the kids fight the heat

Charlotte and Grace played together

Entertained Jackson and Claire with Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story on the laptop in the camper
Grace is ready for football!

Carroll siblings

Beth, Debbie, Keith, Lawton, and Grace enjoying Saturday

Charlotte and Grace playing together
Group photo
Claire and Jackson... predicting their future?

Pete and I with the cornhole board covers we got for our wedding

Anne and I at our friend's wedding

Pete and I at the wedding
The following are pictures from our Vandervaart weekend at the cabin

Bob and Pete playing corn hole

Tim, Mike, Sarah, Pete, and Kwabena hanging out in the hot tub

Kwabena, Mike, Tim, and Pete playing bocce ball

Grammy and Grace

Mommy and her girls

Relaxing on the porch and eating dinner

Grammy and her granddaughters
Claire and her "Kimmy & Kris" (she ADORES these two)

Our family

Vandervaart Family photo