Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Price is Right/L.A. Trip

In early February, my siblings, dad, and I went to L.A. to help fulfill one of my dad's dreams to be in the audience of the Price is Right. We were ecstatic to do this with him as well as have many more unforgettable moments. Here are some pictures from our trip...
All of us with our name tags on

Myself, Beth, and dad on TV cheering during a game

Family on TV when contestant was called onto the stage

Close-up of siblings on TV during show

Eating at Mel's Drive-In

Standing outside Kodak Theatre

Waiting in line for The Tonight Show

Getting to meet Jay Leno before the show

After our last dinner in LA

I am SO glad we were able to make this happen!
Love you, Daddy-O :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Claire's Birthday Party (Ohio Version)

On Saturday, March 14th we had a birthday party for Claire and had a great time. We were surrounded by wonderful family and friends. We opened many generous presents, watched Claire eat some cake, and had a chance to catch up with friends. It was a wonderful time and we are so grateful to everyone who was able to make it!

In honor of her favorite "Baby Einstein" theme, we did a caterpillar cake

Anxiously awaiting present/card opening
Claire's response when we told her to kiss the monkey :)
Is it time for cake?

The before picture...
She was very dainty and lady-like in the beginning...

Double fisting...

"Are you sure this is OK, mom?"

She was SO proud of herself afterwards

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Our New Apartment

In the beginning of March, we got an apartment and we are SO excited about it. We are very grateful for the space that my parents provided - but are happy to have our own space again.

We hope you liked our little virtual tour and we are ready for visitors :)

Claire - 11 months old

Claire is 11 months old and running around like crazy - chasing her so much is one of the reasons that this is such a late update. We got some xrays of her skull because her bones were possibly growing together too quickly - but they were negative so we are very grateful for that! She is getting bigger by the day and her personality is so enjoyable to watch. Here are some pictures from this past month...
Grandma has helped out and babysat A LOT :)

Hair is getting long enough for a little bow

She sleeps so soundly from running around so much

Aunt Beth was home the month of February so she and Claire spent lots of quality time together

We try and get together with the White's so Claire and Jackson can play

Now when you say "Oh No" she puts her hands up like this
(and this photo was taken on Ash Wednesday)


She still LOVES her bath

Such a happy little girl

Still enjoys making big messes at meal time

She can spell... I swear :)

Lovin' the mohawk

She loves to play hard with daddy

Look at all those teeth

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands..."

Napping with daddy

Hugging her second favorite stuffed animal
(1st choice is her bunny)

Claire Bear's LOVING impression of Grandma Carroll

One guess at who did her hair... :)
Thanks for checking in on us!