Saturday, June 11, 2011

Claire vs Grace

Who does Jake look like? Claire or Grace?

We think he looks like both! Here's is our proof...






We gave Jake his first tub bath tonight. He was pretty upset at first but then he really started to like it. Just sat there and looked around. Claire likes to help clean him and dry him off. She is really impressing us as a big sister.

Here are pictures from his bath...

A Peek at our Week

Well, we have succussfully parented 3 kids for a week now... and when I say succesfully, I mean they are all three fed, bathed, and breathing. :) We have enjoyed all of the chaos and after one week of having all three alone during the days I am going to venture to say that going from 1 to 2 kids is harder than 2 to 3. I was already used to being in a zone defense with them, now its just one more and he is typically sleeping, in a bouncy seat, or in his crib.

I found myself a little stir crazy this week so I took the three kids to the mall to play (Jake and I sat on the bench with sanatizer in hand). Jake had a doctor's appointment on Monday and he is doing well - his weight is up to 6 lbs 6 oz. (It was 6 lbs even on Friday when we left the hospital)

Today, my niece was baptized and we all attended that. It was a task getting them all dressed up and out that door in a timely fashion but it went well. We also got Jake's newborn pictures taken and were able to get a great one of the three of them.

Here are some pictures from our week...

Sometimes to keep Jake safe, I'll put him in his crib if I have to change laundry over or use the restroom. I found that the girls went out to the living room, got their little chairs and came to peek over the edge of the crib at him. It was really cute.

Grace saying "Cheese"

Jake is SO awake and alert more often than we remember with the girls

The girls and I made some brownies one morning

We got Claire's hair cut on Wednesday. They took a good 5 inches off. She was traumatized and cried the whole time but all was forgotten when they gave her a balloon!

Claire and Daddy

Grandma and her two newest grandchildren

A picture of our niece, Allison, getting baptized

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girls kissing Jake's feet

We let the girls get a closer look at Jake but had to remind them that they can only touch/kiss his feet. We have already let up on that rule SLIGHTLY... basically it is OK for Claire to kiss the top of his head. It is so touching to watch them together.

Girls meet Jake

We knocked on the door and had the girls answer it. Jake was there to greet them and they were surprised and excited to meet him!

Home Sweet Home

We were discharged from the NICU Friday around 4:30 pm. We struggled with where to put his carseat in the minivan... Claire can't buckle herself yet so we thought it MAY be best to just put Jake in the back. We figured the girls will want me to hand them juice, snacks, etc along the drive but I pretty much can't do anything for Jake if he is crying. We are finding it is very hard to get his seat in and out of the van though...any thoughts?

We were on cloud nine heading home. We picked up some dinner and couldn't wait to introduce him to his big sisters. They are obsessed with him! It is hilarious! Everytime I walk out with him in my arms, they are like vultures and come running over.

Our first night at home was a little rough. We decided to divide up the kids and Pete slept on the couch and was in charge of Claire and Grace. I was back in our bed and had Jake duty. He was up from midnight to 2 and then back up again at 4:15 until 6 am. Not the best night of sleep for me. We are finding that he was eating more every three hours than I can supply for him right now. It is just a game of trial and error...I just hope we figure it out sooner rather than later!

I am nervous for Monday. I am going to go from laying in a hospital bed and taking three naps a day, to sitting at Jake's bedside in a recliner, to being in charge of 3 small children on an incredible lack of sleep. Certainly praying for strength and energy!! :)

Here are some pictures from our first time together as a family of 5...

Leaving the NICU...

All ready to go!

Claire snuggling with her little brother

The girls helping me give Jake a wipe down

Our THREE amazing children :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heading Home

I was admitted into the high risk unit on May 3rd. On June 3rd, exactly one month later, we will bring our baby boy home and for the first time, our family of 5 will be under one roof!

Shout Out

We chose Pete's best friend, Matt and his wife, Erin to be Jake's Godparents. We never doubted they were a wonderful choice but they simply blew us away this past weekend. They traveled to Indy to meet Jake and play with the girls. When they got here, they went grocery shopping for us and proceeded to cook fantastic meals for us all weekend long. I was still recovering from everything so I slept in and took naps and there was never a guilty feeling about it. They came and they knew just how to support us and help us through this highly stressful time. On Saturday, Erin and I came together to see Jake. It was wonderful quality time together and I really enjoyed introducing her to Jake and seeing her hold him in her arms. I just wanted to give them a little shout out for being such wonderful support and excellent friends this past weekend and always...

Jake's First Bath...

On Saturday, I was able to give Jake his first bath. Jake's Godmother, Erin, was there to take pictures. He was NOT a fan of his bath, but the second I wrapped him in a blanket he stopped crying. It was fun to have everything off his face briefly, but afterwards they had to put his nasal cannula and feeding tube back on his face. His nurse was Courtney and we were so grateful to get to take everything off of his face a snap a few pictures!

Update on Jake

Our internet at home is down, so we haven't been able to update as much as we were doing. Since Saturday, there have been little changes and little hurdles but where we stand currently is great! Basically, Jake is ready to go home as long as he stays off his oxygen through tomorrow. They took off his nasal cannula yesterday around noon and he has to stay off for 48 hours before he can go home. He is breastfeeding well, taking bottles, passed his hearing screen, passed his car seat study and got his circumcision last night. He is ready to go and we are so very ready to have him home. Our girls have been troopers but they are definately at their breaking point. They cry every time we leave and stand at the patio window and cry as we get into the car - it is absolutely heart breaking. I keep telling Claire that it is only a little bit longer...but she has been hearing that for a month now. If Jake is able to come home tomorrow, it will be exactly one month since we have all been under the same roof so please keep your fingers crossed that this is able to happen! Here is how our little man looks now a days...