Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have had a wonderful Saturday... First, Karen (Pete's mom) brought Grace out for a visit. Then, my brother Keith came and hung out for a while. After a nice nap, Brooke from NICU came over and took me downstairs so I could get some soup and a fountain Diet Pepsi. Again, a great why am I feeling down? I can break it down in numbers...

17 ~ number of days I have been in the hospital
8 ~ number of times that I have been out of this hospital room
12 ~ approximate number of hours I have spent with my girls in the last 17 days
13 ~ approximate number of cloudy days since I have been here
3 ~ number of shots given in my hip
7 ~ number of times I have been stuck with a needle
30 ~ daily number of pills I am taking
2 ~ number of months since my dad passed away

I think the last one is the one that set the mood for the day. I have been so distracted thinking about Jake and I's health that I think it just hit me harder today. I miss him so much and really wish he could meet Jacob. But alas, I know he is looking down on us.

All in all, good day and hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

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