Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update on Jake

Our internet at home is down, so we haven't been able to update as much as we were doing. Since Saturday, there have been little changes and little hurdles but where we stand currently is great! Basically, Jake is ready to go home as long as he stays off his oxygen through tomorrow. They took off his nasal cannula yesterday around noon and he has to stay off for 48 hours before he can go home. He is breastfeeding well, taking bottles, passed his hearing screen, passed his car seat study and got his circumcision last night. He is ready to go and we are so very ready to have him home. Our girls have been troopers but they are definately at their breaking point. They cry every time we leave and stand at the patio window and cry as we get into the car - it is absolutely heart breaking. I keep telling Claire that it is only a little bit longer...but she has been hearing that for a month now. If Jake is able to come home tomorrow, it will be exactly one month since we have all been under the same roof so please keep your fingers crossed that this is able to happen! Here is how our little man looks now a days...

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