Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We were discharged from the NICU Friday around 4:30 pm. We struggled with where to put his carseat in the minivan... Claire can't buckle herself yet so we thought it MAY be best to just put Jake in the back. We figured the girls will want me to hand them juice, snacks, etc along the drive but I pretty much can't do anything for Jake if he is crying. We are finding it is very hard to get his seat in and out of the van though...any thoughts?

We were on cloud nine heading home. We picked up some dinner and couldn't wait to introduce him to his big sisters. They are obsessed with him! It is hilarious! Everytime I walk out with him in my arms, they are like vultures and come running over.

Our first night at home was a little rough. We decided to divide up the kids and Pete slept on the couch and was in charge of Claire and Grace. I was back in our bed and had Jake duty. He was up from midnight to 2 and then back up again at 4:15 until 6 am. Not the best night of sleep for me. We are finding that he was eating more every three hours than I can supply for him right now. It is just a game of trial and error...I just hope we figure it out sooner rather than later!

I am nervous for Monday. I am going to go from laying in a hospital bed and taking three naps a day, to sitting at Jake's bedside in a recliner, to being in charge of 3 small children on an incredible lack of sleep. Certainly praying for strength and energy!! :)

Here are some pictures from our first time together as a family of 5...

Leaving the NICU...

All ready to go!

Claire snuggling with her little brother

The girls helping me give Jake a wipe down

Our THREE amazing children :)

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