Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Peek at our Week

Well, we have succussfully parented 3 kids for a week now... and when I say succesfully, I mean they are all three fed, bathed, and breathing. :) We have enjoyed all of the chaos and after one week of having all three alone during the days I am going to venture to say that going from 1 to 2 kids is harder than 2 to 3. I was already used to being in a zone defense with them, now its just one more and he is typically sleeping, in a bouncy seat, or in his crib.

I found myself a little stir crazy this week so I took the three kids to the mall to play (Jake and I sat on the bench with sanatizer in hand). Jake had a doctor's appointment on Monday and he is doing well - his weight is up to 6 lbs 6 oz. (It was 6 lbs even on Friday when we left the hospital)

Today, my niece was baptized and we all attended that. It was a task getting them all dressed up and out that door in a timely fashion but it went well. We also got Jake's newborn pictures taken and were able to get a great one of the three of them.

Here are some pictures from our week...

Sometimes to keep Jake safe, I'll put him in his crib if I have to change laundry over or use the restroom. I found that the girls went out to the living room, got their little chairs and came to peek over the edge of the crib at him. It was really cute.

Grace saying "Cheese"

Jake is SO awake and alert more often than we remember with the girls

The girls and I made some brownies one morning

We got Claire's hair cut on Wednesday. They took a good 5 inches off. She was traumatized and cried the whole time but all was forgotten when they gave her a balloon!

Claire and Daddy

Grandma and her two newest grandchildren

A picture of our niece, Allison, getting baptized

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