Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vandervaart Family Traditions

We decided to start some Christmas traditions. Here is what we are planning to do...
Christmas morning we hope to make monkey bread together

On Christmas Eve, we plan to make our own pizzas for dinner

Claire was a big help

The pizzas turned out really well

Not the most sanitary - toddler in a diaper spreading the sauce :)

Grace was sad that she didn't get to partake in pizza or monkey bread

We also spent an evening baking cookies and making a gingerbread house

Claire with a mouthful of candy

Peek a boo

Claire helping with the cut out sugar cookies

Claire was very proud of her gingerbread house

She had a great time putting it together (and we had a great time watching and helping her)

Bring on the sugar!

Claire dove right in and started eating the house before we could put it together - here she is taking a huge bite out of the side of the house!

Claire and Grace with Santa

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