Sunday, January 3, 2010

December 2009

December was full of many wonderful memories. Aside from the holidays, here are some pictures from our non-holiday events :)

Our family at Christmas at the Zoo
(Grace is in the stroller below)
Claire LOVES her new bath crayons that she got for Christmas

Claire's favorite part at the zoo was the penguins

Claire rocking out

Claire has started to master saying "Cheese"

Another favorite gift are these mega blocks

Claire all bundled up and ready to go at the zoo

Claire and Jackson hand and hand at the zoo

Claire showing some love for her old toys

Miss Grace wide-eyed

Claire doing some water color painting

Claire is slowly warming up to holding Grace

This shirt says it all

Again, this shirt says it all :)

Grace's favorite position - hanging on dad's arm

Claire and Jackson

Grace becoming acquainted with Logan

We had an excellent visit from some of my dear friends from Ohio

Claire uniquely eating a muffin

Claire is starting to REALLY enjoy arts and crafts


All smiles

Claire in her Santa shirt

Mom turns away for one second and this is what happens :)

Grandma C. got Claire this fake fish tank - she loves to watch Nemo

Grace watching her sister run around her

Claire bundled up and ready for winter

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