Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning

Pete and I decided that our favorite part of Christmas was preparing for Christmas morning. We were so excited for Claire to see what Santa brought for her. We can't wait until next year when she will understand even more. Here are some pictures from our Christmas morning.
Santa brought Claire this car - she loves it

Here she is saying "Vroom, vroom"

She enjoys her learning game

Grace isn't quite sure what to think of Christmas morning

Grandma and Grandpa C. came over and brought her this keyboard/piano - it is definately one of her favorite new toys

Perhaps a young Mozart at work? :)

This face was priceless - she was SO excited to open her new doll but then got quickly scared when it started to cry and say "Mama"

She did an excellent job unwrapping the gifts

Claire displaying this octopus Santa brought for Grace

Claire also showed Grace how her new rain rattle worked

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