Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we had a few people over and hosted a kid-friendly party. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful blessing to be able to ring in the new year with such great friends.

From Left: Beth Carroll, Jackie White, Laura Vandervaart, Kit Mast, Casey Mast, Josh White, and Pete Vandervaart

Ringing in the New Year

Beth and Grace

Rhett (Casey & Kit's boy) being a lady's man with Grace on the left and Charlotte (Jackie and Josh's daguther) on the right

All of the kids in Christmas pajamas before bed

We thought it would be fun for the kids to do a build-your-own sundae

They seemed to have a great time and Claire really loved the sprinkles

A little mess never hurt anyone

Claire and Jackson starting to decorate their ice cream

Claire and Jackson having a tea party

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Kathleen said...

Pete wore the shirt I got him on New Years!!! yay! hahahaha.