Saturday, January 7, 2017

October 2016

October 2016 had me knee-deep in two classes and trying to manage a full time job, children and their activities, and the upkeeping of a house.  Claire was involved in soccer and was really enjoying playing goalie.  Sadly, during her single-elimination tournament game, the game ended in a tie and it went to a shoot-out.  Claire was goalie and this mama was a nervous wreck!  Unfortunately, we lost the game and Claire was pretty devastated.  Afterwards, a few families went out for lunch to try and cheer the girls up and they were over it in no time!

Here are some pictures from our month of October:

Saturday morning "Learn and Grow" at Lowe's

Grace and Jake at Claire's basketball game - a couple of her biggest fans :)

Jake's work from kindergarten - Sorry, Claire :(

Post tournament lunch

We went to a benefit for a local charity with our friends, Mike and Anne.

For Grace's birthday, we redid her room.  She picked the quilt and we improvised the rest :)

I surprised the girls by taking them up to Cleveland for the US Gymnastics "Final Five" tour.  They were ECSTATIC and it was a very fun show to watch!

A few days later, we took all of the kids to the circus.  It was a great time and it was a first circus experiment for the kids and Pete. 

Pumpkin carving and final product

One day, I was able to go to the younger kid's school and help with pumpkin activities and spend time with Grace and Jake.  It was wonderful.

Jake worked hard for 3 weeks to have good behavior.  Once he had good behavior with no "yellow" or "orange" with the behavior clip chart - he was able to have this Pokemon toy.

Family Game night!

Halloween 2016:
Jake: Red Power Ranger, Claire: Colt's Cheerleader, Grace: Cinderella

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