Sunday, January 1, 2017

August 2016

August 2016 can be summed up in one word: Milestone

Some of these milestones include:
We had tickets to the HOF Game and it was cancelled for the first time in history.
Pete and I celebrated 10 years a wedded bliss with a vow renewal in our backyard.
We sent our youngest child off to kindergarten.
Claire decided on her future career as a cashier at Kohls (see picture below).

August started with Pete dropping the kids off at my mom's while he went back to Purdue to have a Guy's Weekend with a lot of his old college friends.  He had a great time and I was able to be very productive with an empty house.  When they got back, we headed to a restaurant with our good friends Matt and Erin only to see on television that the HOF game (where we were heading) was cancelled due to field conditions.  We were disappointed but like all good friends - we were able to have a fun night going to the movies and grabbing a few drinks.

Jake and Bently (cousin) - best of friends with matching soccer shirts!

It's hard to see but we caught a rainbow one evening and tried to get in a picture with it

Claire's first day of third grade - 
When she grows up, she wants to be an "artist and a cashier at Kohls"

Grace's first day of FIRST grade
When she grows up she wants to be "a teacher and a nurse"

Claire is LOVING soccer

Below are pictures from Pete and I's vow renewal.  We were extremely blessed with everyone that was able to come and celebrate with us.  We had a wonderful night.

Jake's first day of kindergarten
When he grows up he wants to be a "firefighter, police officer, and engineer"

Pete and I spent a long weekend in Punta Cana - we had a wonderful and relaxing time

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