Sunday, January 1, 2017

June 2016

To say that I am behind on this blog is an understatement.  Summer is always crazy (fun) busy and I decided to double up and take 2 classes for my Master's degree this fall.  I plan to get completely caught up with this blog within the next couple of days :)

June 2016 was filled with many different summer activities.  The kids went to summer day camp and had different activities for each day.  Certain days they went to the pool, had talent shows, went to a park, or field trip to many different fun places.  It's nice knowing that while we are at work, the kids still get to enjoy their summer days with fun things.

Pete continues to work hard at his job and June always brings the start of Pete's break from soccer.  I'm sure I enjoy this break more than he does!

All three kids played baseball/T-ball and they all seemed to enjoy it.  We are still looking for the sport that Grace will enjoy - if there is even one that exists :)

We went to the local fair that we go to every year and ended out the month with out traditional weekend in the lake at my mom's house.

Here some pictures from our June 2016:

 Claire found a new love for chicken wings

We started a new behavior system that got you a small reward for helping with cleaning and chores.  The first day, the kids were very excited.  The excitement quickly died down...

Picture from when I took the kids putt-putt golfing

Below is how we spent many summer weekends that we weren't busy.  We had a little blow up pool that we would cool off with and set up the bounce house and stay outside all day long.  It was fun! 

Below are pictures from the Jaycee's Fair:

I could NOT believe all three of my kids did this ride - I was so nervous but they loved it!

We had another garage sale with minimal success - I don't think we will do another garage sale anytime soon!

Below are pictures from our weekend in Indianapolis with family from all over the country.

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