Sunday, June 14, 2015

Renovation Pictures

After over 9 weeks of hardcore renovation - we are finally at the final stages.  Only a few minor details keep us from having this renovation complete!  The pictures on top are "before" and the ones beneath are "after".  The final 3 pictures are just some of my favorite features of our newly renovated house!

Original dining room into the kitchen - we took out this wall to open it up

We moved the back door to be double-wide french doors

Kitchen was a complete gut job

We also took down the wall in between the family room and the kitchen.  This is where the back door used to be - now its a window.

Originally, we loved this doorway so the kids could  be playing in the playroom while we were close by.  As our kids grow, we decided to close this wall back up so there was a quite guest room with a desk for homework.  We also gave the fireplace a hefty face lift!

The family room wall that we took out

Our play room - turned into an office

Our new dining room

Our new living room
 New fireplace

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