Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 2015

During the month of May, we continued to power through our renovations and am pleased to report that we think we are down to just 1 more week!

May was busy with many wonderful activities.  Claire had a couple activities with her girl scout troop including a fun spa day where the moms did their hair, toenails and fingernails.  The girls in her troop are so sweet and I really enjoy the moms.  We have decided to not pursue girl scouts at this time so when cookie season comes around - I promise we are not holding back on you!! :)

My mom came to visit the first weekend of May and watched the kids while Pete and I went to a silent auction/benefit for the YMCA.  We had a great time with the Koutsis and Farnsworth parents and won (through bidding) a summer evening date with the Cleveland Symphony orchestra and a family horseback ride at the local YMCA camp.

The next weekend, Beth and Matt came for a visit and we enjoyed relaxing over the weekend.  We had the bounce house set up and hung out Friday night.  Saturday night, Pete and Matt went to play poker with a couple guys while Beth and I unpacked my kitchen.  It may sound like we got the shorter end of the deal - but if you know Beth and I at all - WE were the lucky ones! :)

The following weekend we went to a wedding in West Virginia.  It was a wonderful evening spent with great friends and Pete's family.

Pete and I took a long vacation to Las Vegas for my cousin, Jesi's wedding.  Pete's parents were gracious enough to watch our children for the almost week that we were gone.  Pete and I had a wonderful time relaxing in the sun, playing Texas Hold 'Em, spending time with family, and realizing that Black Jack is NOT our forte! :)

The last weekend in May, we had a birthday party for Jake.  He turned 4 on the 22nd and we are hoping that turning 4 means he will start to be a better listener?!  Just kidding, we are realistic - just waiting for the day when we feel like we have a better grip on discipline with him.

Here are some pictures from our month of May:

Claire at her Girl Scout Event

One Saturday, we got planters and paint and had the kids plant flowers in their own personal planters

My mom and I took the girls to get their nails done :)

Our night at the YMCA silent auction

I met the younger two kids at school for "Muffins with Mom".  We did a craft, they sang a song and we enjoyed a nice little breakfast

Matt and Beth's visit:  They were gracious enough to bring Jake's birthday gift during their visit (which he LOVED).  We also took the kids to Lowes on Saturday morning for a "Build & Grow" activity.

Couple pictures from a family board game evening

Our manly man napping on our way to the wedding in West Virginia
Other pictures from West Virginia wedding

Before we left for Vegas, we were able to attend Claire being the narrator in a class play "Three Billy Goats Gruff"

Pictures from Las Vegas

Pictures from Jake's birthday party

Hope you had a wonderful month of May!

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