Tuesday, August 6, 2013

March 2013

As the lack of blog entries has shown - life for the Vandervaart family has felt NON STOP!  I have been working all day and am hoping to be completely caught up with the blog within the next day or so.

MARCH...what happened in March?  Thank goodness for calendars and pictures to help jog my memory.  

I turned 30 and Pete spoiled me rotten!  He planned a surprise day and even planned it for March 2nd so I had no idea what was going on.  He bought me a mother's ring; planned a workout with my workout buddy, Melissa; lunch with good friends; spa day; shopping with my mom; limo ride with family and friends from Indianapolis; dinner with friends and finally a party back at our house.  What did I do to deserve this man?  Lord only knows...but here are some pictures from the best birthday ever!

The girls started taking showers - so I think this is probably one of our last classic "kids in the bath" pictures.
Just a random day that the girls wanted their hair curled :)
On St. Patrick's Day, we went out with our friends to a karaoke bar.  Although nobody from our party got up on stage, we had a great night.
Pete had a brilliant thought to make a craft desk for the kids.  They love it but we didn't realize that the easy access to the markers would result in so many walls being used as a canvas for Jake's artistic skills.

Claire turned 5 years old on March 26th and we opened up the party to her class at school as well.  The party was Disney Princess themed and a few friends from school came as well as friends and family.  She has a great time and it was a wonderful party.

We signed the girls up to start gymnastics and ballet in April so we had to bust out the old leotards and had to get a new one for Claire.  Here they are feeling very excited to start their new classes!

On Claire's actual birthday, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tim met us for lunch and then we went bowling.  

After bowling, Claire's good friend Eve came to dinner with us and then we took them to paint pottery.

The last weekend in March, we traveled to Indianapolis for Easter weekend.  During this weekend we celebrated Claire's birthday with my family, decorated Easter eggs, went to mass and had an Easter Egg hunt.

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