Tuesday, August 6, 2013

April 2013

April 2013

April was filled with lots of activities.  Pete started coaching two youth spring soccer teams which kept him occupied 4 times a week and I was still trying to juggle both jobs and worked 4-5 shifts a week.  Claire and Grace did ballet and gymnastics and I think they decided they liked gymnastics better.  Jake was a trooper when it came to going to these classes and sitting on the sidelines.

The first weekend in April, we were blessed with another niece.  Keith and Debbie welcomed their second daughter into the world and named her Sarah Elizabeth.  

We headed to Indianapolis the second weekend in April to meet Sarah and attend a good friend's wedding.  On Saturday we hung out at my mom's, went on a boat ride and played in the pool.

My sweet little Jake showed his true boy personality this month.  He took purple marker and colored ALL OVER our half bath.  Walls, toilet, sink, EVERYWHERE!  At first he thought I wasn't serious because I had the camera out...
But then I think he got the idea that I was NOT happy!

On some of my days off with the kids, we head to the YMCA and they play in the kid's room while I workout, then we play in the block room (room full of big soft blocks to climb on) and then we head to "Chips and Salsa" which is one of their favorite places to go.  Here is a picture from the kids at the restaurant.

Claire with cousins Allison and Sarah

Pool party at my mom's

We got the girls ballet shoes and Grace requested the bright red ones

She didn't want to take them off....I found her asleep with them on :)

I took the kids to the park one day...

Towards the end of April, Grammy and I took the kids to the zoo.

We bought a new camera because we searched forever and couldn't find our other camera.  Here are some silly pictures we took while testing it out.

Girls during gymnastics class

Jake in the shopping cart :)

More pictures from the zoo - their favorite part...the carousel!

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