Tuesday, March 26, 2013

December 2012

Well, I clearly have A LOT to catch up on and I will do my best to remember the details from December.  Mostly consisted of some fantastic times with wonderful family and friends. 
In early December, we went to see Santa - I really hope one of these years we can get a good picture.  Claire did great, Grace was bored and Jake looks like he is angry!

Pete and I had my holiday work parties over the same weekend.  We went to mine in Cleveland on Friday night and then went to his on Saturday night.  We were so thankful my mom came into town and took care of the kids both nights!

We took the girls to the dentist.  Claire gets called back and goes back all by herself and then when she is done, we all go back with Grace.  Claire is such a big supporter.  Her she is holding Grace's hand!

The following are pictures of the kids from Christmas time

Vandervaart Cousins at Christmas

This year for New Year's Eve, Pete and I went up to Cleveland to their new casino.  We had a really good time and it was the first time we have ever done New Year's Eve just the two of us. 

The following pictures are from Christmas in Indianapolis

Our family tradition - homemade pizza on Christmas Eve


This is how the girls were standing at the beginning of church :)

Christmas Morning at our house

Christmas evening at the Vandervaarts

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