Monday, November 12, 2012

September 2012

I feel like I can barely remember what happened in September...
I started work at the end of August, so September was trying to adjust to life with working full time, kids going to long days at school/day care and housework falling to the wayside!
Labor day weekend, the kids and I went to Indianapolis for my sister's bridal shower.  It was a great weekend of relaxing with good family and friends.
The last weekend in September, I went back to Indianapolis for Beth's bachelorette party.  It was a little weird to not have any kids with me, but also quite nice! :)
Jake started going to "school"/daycare and he loves it!  He has adjusted beautifully and runs in without a problem.  All of the kids absolutely love it which makes Pete and I feel less guilty when we sometimes have to leave them there for 10 hour days!
I can't remember much detail from the month, so here are the pictures!

Claire and Grace typically nap with me on the nights that I have to work - I love it!

Pete and I rode our bikes to a local park and had a picnic on a Saturday in September
 It wore Jake out...

Claire, Uncle Keith, and Grace (on the top bunk) watching a movie!

The girls started taking showers - it is really nice!

Cookout with the Vandervaarts - Cousins sitting at the picnic table
 Uncle Mike with Jake and Bently
One of Jake's favorite things to do at the Y is to go play in the open gym with basketballs - he throws a fit whenever we leave

Claire resting during one of our shopping trips at Target

In mid-September we bought a car.  We figured with the combination of an SUV and a minivan, both of our commutes, and gas prices - it was the smart move.  The kids love the little car and here is a picture of them during our first drive!

Beth's bachelorette party

Beth's bridal shower

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