Tuesday, October 2, 2012

August 2012

Hello All - Sorry again for the delay in blog update.

August was a wonderful month.  We started out celebrating Mike and Sarah's wedding.  All five of us were involved in the wedding and we had a great time with the newly married couple.

August aslo involved Pete having a pretty serious ankle injury - but nothing was going to stop us from our play date with the Meyer family.  We met them at the Akron Zoo the day after Pete went to stat care to find out his ankle was not broken, but seemingly close.

On a Saturday, I took the kids to an art festival in a nearby town.  They had a great time making square paintings, spider rings, and petting animals.

One of the biggest changes of the month includes the fact that I went back to work.  I got a position at Hillcrest Hospital for a 13 week assignment.  It is an hour commute but it feels really good to be back in the working world.  The kids seem to be adjusting rather well. 

Here are some pictures from our month of August...

Claire has been working on her letters (Pete's are on top, Claire's on bottom)

Our family at the zoo - Pete in wheelchair and kids in stroller :)

Beth and Mallory came to visit at the end of August -
it was wonderful to spend time with two of my favorite gals :)

Art festival pictures below...

The Akron Zoo with the Meyer Family

Jake LOVES playing with the basketball at the gym

 This McDonald's drive thru is her FAVORITE thing at the Miller house :)

 Here are our amazing kids after a nearly 12 hour day at daycare :)

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