Wednesday, July 9, 2014

May 2014

 May continued with the organized chaos with Pete's coaching in full swing.

I had my 6 month appointment with Dr. C from my surgery in November and  he  was pleased with my weight loss.  I don't have to go  back until this November so I was excited!

In early May, I went to daycare with Grace and Jake and did "Muffins with Mom".  We made a craft and the class sang a song and it was really cute.  We spent the rest of that day shopping, eating at Chipotle, and having a great time.  (Pictures below)

We made a trip to Indianapolis for Mother's Day weekend and had a great time catching up with friends from Purdue, high school, and even grade school!  It was a nice and relaxing weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves.

We ended the month by celebrating Jake's 3rd birthday.  We had hot dogs and a Spiderman themed birthday party.  Pete and I got him a bike and he does really well on it.  Lots of wonderful family and friends came over and we had a great time celebrating our little man!

My mom came for a visit at the end of the month and we enjoyed grilling out and setting up our new bounce house.  We decided to purchase a bounce  house (with the help of the grandparents) because by the time you rent it twice, it pays for itself.  The kids absolutely love it!

Here are some pictures from our month of May:

Claire really liked playing soccer and I know  that Pete loved to see Claire enjoy it so much.

Claire and Grace with  their friend, Lauren at swim lessons

Muffins with mom followed by Target and Chipotle :)

All packed and  ready for Indianapolis.  We hit the road and drove all the way there (4 hrs and 45 minutes) and did not stop once - the kids were such troopers!

SO thankful to catch up with friends!

We were convinced it would be  warm enough to get in the lake - we were WRONG!

 My mother's day message from Claire (sorry its sideways)

 Mother's Day lunch

We got back into town and went over to Grammy's house to wish her a happy mother's day

We spent one day planting flowers, making  s'mores, and doing  sparklers - it was one of the few days during the month that there was no work or soccer

Such a big helper!

We bought   umbrellas for the kids and who would've thought that they would be such a hit!  The kids want to take them EVERYWHERE!

On Jake's birthday, he wanted to eat at Fazoli's.  We ate dinner there and he was a happy little guy!

Ah, the umbrellas again!

Friday evening, we grilled  out and played on the bounce   house.

Saturday morning, Claire had a soccer  game.  

The following are pictures from Jake's birthday party:

Jake and his best bud, Eli!

Bike Ride

We went up to hang out with Mike and Bently on Memorial Day.  The cousins had a great time playing together and the family had some running races - Uncle Mike is definitely the fastest!

One of Claire's last days of school - Country Western Day!

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