Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June 2012

SOOOO sorry that I am so far behind on blogging - I have been gently reminded by a few of you who religiously check the blog that it has been a while since I posted so here it goes...

Looking back, June seems like FOREVER ago and although at the time I am sure I thought it was busy but nothing will compare to July (post coming shortly). 

The first weekend in June - Pete had to work so the kids and I had a quiet weekend at home.  We went to spend time at the Vandervaarts a little bit and I was able to work on Pete's Father's Day gift.

The girls went to the dentist this month.  Claire went back by herself!!  I went to stand up and the dental assistant said kids do better by themselves and she (reportedly) did great! Grace was a little more apprehensive but we really like our new dentist.

All three kids got their hair cut this month as well.  I had been cutting their hair myself but I thought it was time for a professional to clean up my non-professional work! 

The second weekend was the girl's annual Put In Bay trip.  Put In Bay weekend is basically relaxing and taking a ferry over to an island that has restaurants and bars on it.  We had a blast!

Pete's brother, Mike is getting married in August so we had a Bachelor Party for him the third weekend in June.  The next day the boys all went to an Indians Game and then we celebrated Father's Day at the Vandervaart house.  Father's Day was extra tough for me this year - no rhyme or reason and I guess there doesn't need to be one, but I was glad to be surrounded by family in the evening time.

The final weekend in June, I went home to Indy (NO kids or husband) for cousins weekend.  Cousins weekend is basically a family reunion on my mom's side.  My mom hosted this year because of her awesome new condo on the lake.  We had a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures from June...

 Pete and I's date night in early June

 Grace at the dentist (sunglasses to protect her :))

 Put In Bay girls

Below are pictures from a local fair

The kids remained in swim lessons - here is Claire helping Grace wait for her class
  Claire reading to Natalie (who is in a baby doll crib)
  We had a cookout over one weekend and it was very nice to just step back and see all of the wonderful friends we are surrounded by

 Fell asleep with juice in mouth

Hair cut pictures!

The following are pictures that I used for my Father's Day gift to Pete

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