Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 2012

I hope everyone had as great of a May as we did.  Our month started out with Pete and I becoming Godparents!  Our good friends, Matt and Erin had their little girl, Natalie in February.  She was baptized on May 6th.  We are so honored to be her Godparents!  I also have the pleasure of taking care of her 5 days a week!

The following weekend, we went to Indianapolis.  We threw an engagement party for my sister Beth and her fiance, Matt.  The evening was a lot of fun!  During this trip to Indy I was able to see Keith and Debbie's new house and Beth and Matt's new condo.  We also celebrated mother's day with my mom with a boat ride and take out chinese food!  We were able to make it back to Ohio in time to head straight over to the Vandervaart's house and celebrate a short while with Pete's mom and family!

The weekend of May 18th we drove to to Athens, Ohio for a much overdo visit to Pete's sister, Kathy and her husband Kwabena.  The rest of the family (minus Tim) also went to Athens.  We walked around the OU campus and were able to see where they live.  There was an International festival going on and it was really neat.  Saturday night we celebrated Jake's birthday together and played games in the hotel.  On Sunday, we went swimming in the indoor pool and the hotel and then to a park for a picnic.  It was a wonderful visit!

Memorial day weekend my mom, Uncle Frank, Aunt Jan, Chelsea and the Getty family came for a relaxing weekend.  We celebrated Jake's birthday in a very casual manner (Sorry, Jake) and enjoyed the sunshine!  We loved having a full house of guests and had a great time!

On May 30th, Claire "graduated" from her 3-4 year old preschool class as she will be in Pre-K next year.  She and her classmates sang 4 songs and then got their diplomas and art portfolios.  It was really cute and I was very proud of her!  Aunt Sarah, Bently, Grammy and Uncle Tim were able to make it.

I started the month adding one more kid to my daily routine - Natalie!  So now I have 5 kids that I watch throughout the week.  Its busy, but I love it!

Claire and Grace are officially, 100% potty trained!  They sleep throughout the night in their underwear and simply get up when they have to go.  We are SO excited to have 2 out of 3 potty trained!  We are also done with formula, jar baby food and bottles!  We are very happy about these evolving changes, but I must admit I am emotional about it. 

Here are pictures from our month of May...

 Claire and graduation (above) and with her best school friend, Teagan (below)

The following pictures are from Jake's birthday celebrations

Jake LOVED clementines at our picnic at OU

Grace is such a little mom

My nephew, Bently and I in a staring contest! :)

The next three - Jake loved it but you can't really tell in the pictures.  We twisted the chain to the swing around and let it go so he was spinning.  Check out that hair!

The following are pictures from Beth and Matt's engagement party

A mother's day boat ride!

Jake has a funny tooth formation coming in!  Our pediatrician referred to him as "Snaggletooth"

My crazy daily life with 5 kids in tow :)

We turned Jake's seat around on his birthday and he loves to look around!

Natalie's baptism

The following are Jake's professional 1 year pictures

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I LOVE IT! That must have been a BIG treat to go for a boat ride on mothers day. :D