Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on Grace

Grace is still in the special care nursery. They have diagnosed with pneumonia and decided she needs to be on antibiotics for 7 days so we will be here until Tuesday. She is doing well though. She is off oxygen but still needs a little help from her nasal cannula. She has a feeding tube in and is getting regular feedings of formula. I am able to attempt breast feeding every other time, but they don't want to stress her out so we are taking it easy. She had an IV in her hand that went bad so they (unfortunately) had to put an IV in her head but this way she is pulling at it less. Both Pete and I have gotten to hold her and simply adore her. Thank you for all of your support and here are some updated pictures.

Here is daddy helping with her first tube feeding

Sweet dreams, Grace...

Daddy changing her diaper

Grace telling me all about her tough day

Wide awake and sucking her hand

A couple of very proud parents

Already adores her dad :)

We love that full head of hair!

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emily said...

Congrats!!! Grace is BEAUTIFUL! You must be so proud =) I can't wait to meet her and see everyone again. Hope your whole family is doing well! ~ Emily