Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Since coming home, things have been going well. Karen, Pete's mom, has been here helping out with chasing Claire, cooking, cleaning... she has been a HUGE help! Claire will say "baby" and hug/kiss Grace on command but otherwise she doesn't seem too interested in her. Pete and I got Claire a few little toys to make her feel special after bringing Miss Grace home. Grace mostly sleeps, eats, and poops so aside from our lack of sleep - she is pretty low maintenance. Here are some pictures from the last few days :)
One of Claire's favorite TV shows is Backyardigans and her favorite character is Pablo (pictured above)... we found a huge Pablo balloon at a party store and bought this for her. At first, she was scared but about 12 hours later, she warmed up to the balloon.

Miss Grace peacefully sleeping

Snug as a bug in her car seat and ready to hit the town

After many attempts to get a picture of the girls in matching pajamas (and multiple failures) we had a game plan... Once Claire fell asleep, Karen, Pete, Grace and I went into the room and quickly turned Claire over, put Grace down, snapped a picture, picked Grace up and ran out. Needless to say, it worked pretty well :)

We also got Claire a little baby stroller for her plastic baby... or three of her favorite Backyardigans characters

Dad and his little girls

Grace...scared of something (?)

Claire watching Barney as we slid Grace closer for a picture... Claire's 100% attention to Barney helped us snap this picture

Mommy missed Claire SO much while she was in the hospital

Our first family photo

When Grace first got home and Claire first held her

Grace in her car seat and ready to go

Mom and Dad ready to take Grace home

The night before we left, we gave Gracie her first bath

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MinkyDink said...

Too cute! Love all the pics. I can't wait to watch Miss Grace grow up like I've been able to do with Claire through the blog!!!