Sunday, October 18, 2009

September 2009

Sorry again for the delay in updates. September proved to be a very busy month for us. Throughout September, Pete and Claire went to North Canton (I stayed back while my dad was in the ICU); we spent some quality time with the White family before welcoming their newest member - Charlotte; Claire went to a play and learn class and had a blast!; Claire also started going to a "Parents Day Out"/Preschool session once a week for a 5 hour period. She has handled that very well. Here are some pictures from the month of September...

Here is Claire loving her Elmo toy

Her hair always looks shaggy after her bath

Claire's face when you say "Cheese"

Claire in the Play & Learn class with bubbles

Another picture from the class

She took a very good nap that day :)

She loved taking the ball and making baskets

Saying her new favorite word "No" :)

She LOVES corn on the cob

During some reorganizing, we pulled this toy out of her closet that she used to lay in all of the time as a 3-6 month old. She seemed to remember it and was instantly playing with it.

Jackson and Claire ready for a nap
Daddy's little girl

Grandma and Claire

She's trying to get dressed her... so mature for her age :)

Such a pretty little girl

She also had some wonderful play dates with Korbin

What a perfect book to be reading

While Pete and Claire were in Ohio, I took on a little project to take my mind off all the seriousness :)

There was a mini trampoline at the Play & Learn class - if only these were for sale somewhere

Claire LOVES to play with bubbles

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