Sunday, October 25, 2009

North Canton Visit

This past weekend, we traveled to North Canton to visit with family and friends. The entire Vandervaart family went to the pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins. Here are some pictures from our fun fall activities...

The family at the Pumpkin Patch before the cold rain began

Brotherly Love :)

Starting from Left:
PIE (Kristen)
One tooth smiley face (Kathy)
Vandervaart Family (Laura)
Peace Tree (up on chair) (Kimmy)
Turtle (Laura and Kathy)
Nemo (Pete)

Vandervaart Family Pumpkin :)

Claire "gutting" a pumpkin (We threw plastic turtles inside so she would fish for them)

We told her Barney was inside :)

Our little family at the pumpkin patch

What a cute little pumpkin

She's not sure which pumpkin to pick, but she really just wanted to play in the gravel

But she still loves those apples!

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