Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 2009

June was another fun-filled month. Among the activities, we had a wonderful visit from the Vandervaarts, bought a minivan, went to the Children's Museum, a fun visit from Amber and Colin, and had a Carroll Family Reunion. Claire is getting bigger and growing more personality by the day. It has been so fun to watch her grow and sometimes we can't believe how big she is! Here are some pictures from our month of June...
Claire and daddy in the pool

Grandpa and a grumpy Claire

Grandma working in some swim lessons off the clock :)

Claire and her Nana

Daddy and Claire horseplaying in the pool

During the Vandervaart's visit, we went downtown to PBS Kids day and met some of the characters like Rosita (above) from Sesame Street.

Daddy and Claire also went down this big blow up slide

Claire wasn't quite sure what to think of it

Claire and Aunt Kathy

Claire LOVED her Big Bird balloon

Family photo before dinner

Aunt Kathy brought Claire a book from overseas

She LOVES her Backyardigans bubble blower

Say "Cheese"

An inside shot of our new minivan

Claire and Jackson at the sand table at the Children's Museum

Splashing at the water table at the Children's Museum


They were NOT entertained by the tractor

Back to the jungle gym!

Crawling through a tunnel

More fun at the water table

Then back to the sand table :)

We had water balloons at the Carroll reunion - Claire was unsure about what to do

We had a water balloon toss with the kids (and Keith!)

Then an all-out water balloon fight with the left over balloons

Claire played in the sprinkler at Grandma and Grandpa's house

She had a blast!

She also relaxed in their pool

We had our first popsicle encounter (what a mess!)

One of Grandma Carroll and Mommy's favorite new outfits!

Snuggling after nap time :)

She still LOVES Barney (Yippee!)

Claire tickling some ivory :)

If you think this is bad, you should see the other kid!
(Claire took a couple spills in her fearless adventures)

Mommy loves that we can put her hair up now!

Still trying to master the self spoon feeding

Loving Grandma and Grandpa Carroll

Exhausted after playing hard

Such a sweet photo

Family photo before Mommy and Daddy's night out!

We grabbed dinner and drinks with Amber and Colin during their visit

Micah and Amanda (from my work) came to meet us out
Claire at the pool

She LOVES to look at the ducks

Daddy and Claire ready for the pool!

Daddy reading to Claire :)

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