Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Claire - ONE YEAR OLD!

We can't believe that Claire is already one! We have had such a wonderful year with her. She is started to enjoy little aspects on the TV like the wheel on "Wheel of Fortune" and "Price is Right". She can make monkey sounds and really enjoys books. She makes lots of babbling noises and she is trying very hard to make words - but we still can't understand any! She can point out mommy and daddy and find her juice when we ask where it is. She understands a lot and is still (of course) VERY curious! :)

Stopped dead in her tracks watching the wheel


She loves this toy, but the anticipation kills her! :)

She tries to take keys to the door knob

Showing off a new dress

All dolled up on her birthday for Chucke Cheese

Watching the PU game with Korbin

Daddy put her pants on her head:)

She did not like what she was eating, so she boycotted and climbed on the table

Thanks to grandma, this new booster seat will prevent the boycotting!

Say "Cheese"
Yeay for spaghetti!

Enjoying the view

LOVES her busy ball popper

Such a pretty little girl! (I'm not bias or anything)

Check out all those teeth

Finally! Something that reflects her mom!

Not your best poker face, Claire! :)

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