Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April 2009

April was a great month for the Vandervaart Family. Claire is doing and learning so many new things. We were able to head to Ohio for Easter and spent some great time with friends and family. Claire enjoyed putting the eggs into a basket and then clapping for herself! Grandpa Carroll was in the hospital for about 12 days with a blood infection and Claire was not allowed to visit for a while. He is doing better now and expected to have a bone marrow transplant on May 11th. Here are some pictures from our April...

We introduced Claire the joys of a shower...

We THINK she liked it

Still loves Italian foods :)

Trying to learn to use a fork

She loves her new chair and LOVES to look at books!

She kept reaching for the lemon on our water and at first she was OK with it...

THEN the after taste kicked in!

A sleepy Claire bear

Giving Granda's newly bald head a kiss :)

She likes to bite off apples

She got a BIG chunk of apple (in her left cheek)

One cool chick!

Playing in her pool on our balcony

Daddy still throws her way up in the air

After collecting quite a few Easter eggs

She spilled her basket of eggs :(
And then clapped for herself when she put them back in her basket :)

Playing after Easter church

Family photo at Easter services

She got an Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa Carroll in the hospital
Where do I start?

Definately loves her soft, pink bunny

Claire and Nana did some swim lessons while we were visiting

We were able to hang out with some good friends while visiting Ohio

Her first attempt at painting (the Thank You cards we sent out)

AFTERMATH of painting :)

Her new favorite things to watch on TV are "Barney & Friends" and "The Backyardigans"

Sitting at her new picnic table (Thanks Nana and Papi)
Grandpa Carroll celebrated his 59th(... I mean, 45th) birthday this month
We went to the park when the Vandervaarts visited at the beginning of the month

We also went to the zoo

Check out that static electricity!

Claire with Nana and Papi

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