Thursday, January 29, 2009

Claire is 10 months old!

We can't believe that Claire is 10 months old already! It has been such a wonderful journey and she is learning so many new things. She walks all around the house from room to room and the other day was able to bend over and pick something up. She drinks from a sippy cup and is down to 2 bottles a day. She eats all table foods and we have had a lot of fun watching her expressions when she tries new foods. She has 8 teeth now and weighs over 23 pounds. Here are some pictures from this past month...
Soundly sleeping during her afternoon nap

Walking around and drinking

Walking with daddy's help on the icy sidewalk

One day it felt pretty warm out so we reunited her with the swings at the park

BIG smile

A great little pianist

We went to the zoo on MLK day

Daddy had her pet a shark!!

Still loves the aquarium

Outdoor at the zoo

Aunt Debbie teaching her how to drink from a cup

Relaxin with daddy

Trying on dad's new basketball shoes

She loves to ride her rocking horse

Claires meets Chef Boyardee!


All cleaned up

Such a pretty little smile

Playing with Jackson and having matching hairdos

We took Claire outside to see what she thought of the big snowfall

Daddy tossed her around a bit

She was ready to go inside after about 10 minutes.

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