Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Claire - 9 Months Old!!

We can hardly believe that Claire is 9 months old! We went to the doctor yesterday and she weighs 22 lbs. She is in the 90th percentile for height and weight - a very proportional, very big girl!! She has learned some new tricks this month... she likes to climb the stairs now, walk along furniture, and even ventures to take 4-5 steps on her own! She has 7 teeth now and got her two front teeth just in time for Christmas. She likes to babble and is very close to her first words. Here are some pictures from this last month...

This Christmas decoration was her favorite at Oma and Opa's - she practically tried to scale the bookshelf to get to it!

Our family before mom and dad went out for New Year's Eve

Her new favorite, silly face

She had her first play date with Korbin

Mom tries VERY hard to get bows in her hair

Here she is taking a few steps on her own

Here she is climbing the stairs

SOO happy grandpa is out of the hospital

Thanks for the blocks, Jackson...
...but I prefer the tissue paper for now! :)

She got to spend time with her Godparents, Mike & Anne

She LOVES bubble baths

She has weekly play dates with Jackson

Still has those baby blue eyes!

Daddy loves to make her hair look crazy

Such a pretty smile...

Having fun with blocks

Helping us decorate for Christmas

We started brushing her teeth - she seems to like to EAT the toothpaste more than anything

More soon to come from her 9 month photo shoot with Aunt Kathy!

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