Wednesday, November 18, 2015

October 2015

My mom came to visit for a week at the beginning of October.  We had a great time watching football, talking, and she and Grace worked on reading a lot!  She read my mom "Cinderella" which was her library book that was 94 pages long!  She loves to read!

The first weekend we had two little girls spend the night for a big 5 person sleepover.  It went really well, but all 5 were extremely tired the next day.

The second weekend in October, Pete and I took a little getaway and went up to Cleveland for the weekend.  We went to see Garth Brooks on Friday night.  Saturday we went to the casino and played Texas Hold 'Em.  We had a nice dinner and really enjoyed relaxing.

We did many fall festivities this month.  We carved pumpkins, went a pumpkin patch, and planted pumpkin seeds in the back yard. 

Claire is an official Brownie.  She really enjoys her troop and the activities they do as well as lessons they learn.  This month, there were 2 meetings and we took the troop on a nature hike.  She continues to be very well-behaved at school.  She got on purple ("Star Student") 5 times so now she gets to eat lunch with the teacher.  We had a parent/teacher conference and the teachers only concerns were talking at appropriate time and controlling her emotions better.  Neither of these came as a shock to Pete or I.

Grace is an official Daisy.  We had the first troop meeting at the end of this month and she really likes her troop.  I'm really excited the girls are involved in Girl Scouts.  Grace is obsessed with reading and homework!  We had her parent/teacher conference and her teacher was very impressed.  She read her teacher a Level 8 book.  They want them to be reading Level 4 at the end of kindergarten.

Jake's behavior is starting to improve, but still day by day.  We are really enjoying watching him grow into a young man.  We signed him up for a class at the YMCA that meets on Saturdays for 45 minutes.  They go over different skill sets of different sports and its interactive.  He really enjoys it.

Here are some pictures from our month of October:

Pictures from the sleepover

Pete and I up in Cleveland at Garth Brooks concert

I took the kids to Fazoli's one Sunday and we had a great time goofing off!

Glow in the dark pumpkin wands from Grammy and Opa

The following are pictures from our visit to the pumpkin patch

The following are pictures from pumpkin carving.  None of the kids loved the feeling of the inside of the pumpkin but they had fun carving.

One Saturday, the Vandervaart family came over and we had dinner, played games and carved pumpkins.

Our three biggest blessings

Claire and her Brownie troop on the nature hike

Silly girls

Jake LOVES corn on the cob

Poor Jake was wrestling with a buddy and his head hit the end table just right.  He had to get three stitches in the back of his head.  He tolerated very well.  I was so proud of him.

Jake in his "Marshall" Halloween costume (Paw Patrol character)

We hired someone to trim our trees.  We had a different vision of "trim"

We met up with the Koutsis and Farnsworths for a fundraiser for the YMCA.  An evening with this bunch is always enjoyable.

(Claire was Evie, Grace was Mal (both characters from Disney movie "Descendants") and Jake was "Marshall" from Paw Patrol)

 We really enjoyed trick or treating with our neighbors.  The kids had a great time and it is always enjoyable to walk around with adults!

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