Wednesday, March 18, 2015

February 2015

February started off with snow and ended with...more snow!

The first weekend of February, Pete and I took the kids sledding and we all had a blast.  Then, we watched the Super Bowl together and had the kids play along with the question game (Who will win the coin toss?  Will it be heads or tails? Etc.)  They had a great time with it and it was fun to see them intently watch the game.  They went to bed after halftime and Pete and I enjoyed the second half.

Pete and I flew to Florida this month and had a great time.  He and I had not really been on a vacation together since our honeymoon.  We weren't quite sure what to do with our lack of responsibility.  Each morning, we got up and got coffee and went on a walk.  One morning we rented a kayak and another day we rented a wave runner.  The wave runner was Pete's favorite part - we agreed to disagree!  I was SO scared and could feel Pete laughing  as I held on for dear life!  

After a few days, Pete flew back to Ohio and my sister flew down to Florida.  I stayed a few more days with her and we  had our usual fun February trip.  We ate, drank and relaxed a lot.  It is always great to have time to catch up with Beth.

The last weekend in February, we headed to Indianapolis to see family and attend my friend, Andrea's wedding.  Saturday  morning we went  over to Keith  and Debbie's house and played with the girls and spent time together.  That evening, the wedding was a lot of fun and absolutely wonderful to catch up with old friends.  We woke up Sunday morning to rapid snow fall and decided to hit the road early.  We essentially traveled for 11 hours to be in Indianapolis for less than 36 hours.  We are very grateful that our kids are such good travelers!

Here are some pictures from our month of February...

Sledding and playing in the snow:

I was fortunate to be able to make it to Claire's school to help celebrate "100th Day" of School

We celebrated Natalie's (Pete and I's Goddaughter) birthday

Claire's Sunday School Work

Pictures from Pete and I's time in Florida
(SO thankful to my mom for watching the kids)

Beth and I in Florida

Pete surprised me at the airport with flowers and the kids.  I missed them SO  much!
At  one point, my flight was delayed and Pete told the kids they may not get to see me until the following day and Claire  burst into tears and said "I can't even remember what mommy looks like!"

Jake's cousin, Bently, wears his hair combed over.  Now, after each shower, he asks for us to do  his hair like Bently.

Pictures from our trip to Indianapolis:

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