Tuesday, May 20, 2014

March 2014

 As  you can see, I am extremely late updating the family blog.  Our  lives are in full swing I am having  a hard time staying  on top of  everything.

We started out the month of March by going to a carnival at Claire's school.   They had games set up in  every classroom, a few inflatables in  the gym, balloon animals, and lunch in the cafeteria.  Here are some pictures from the carnival:

We were one of  the  last ones to play the game where you were able to win live gold fish.
They were "generous" and gave us three regardless if we won.
We currently have zero goldfish.
We apparently don't  know how to keep them alive?

Cousin piggy back ride!

We had many family birthdays in March including Kim and Kristen (Pete's sisters), Claire and myself.  One Sunday afternoon, we all went bowling and my kids had a blast!  They now  want  to  go all  the time!   Here are some pictures from our bowling trip:

Bob got a turkey!  Here is his gobble! :)

Our crazy little man fell and  his  tooth went through his  lip.  I was at work so when Pete brought him to the ER to see if  he needed stitches, I was able  to  come  down and check  on  him.
Thankfully, no stitches necessary!

In early March, Beth and Matt came  for a visit and  we  went  to a "Hearts for Hope" benefit geared towards helping those affected from domestic violence.  Three of our favorite couples as well as my sister and  our spouses   went.  We had a great time and Pete even won an AMAZING basket for me!
Pictures below:
Below is the basket Pete won.
The cleaning service came yesterday (May 19th) and the house look phenomenal!
Carpets are getting cleaned on Friday and the spa day is late June :)

Aunt Beth with the kids

My birthday was spent snuggling with my kids a little bit and then my most favorite group of people all came together to hang out, eat, and play cards.  It was a wonderful birthday!

Our children seemed to inherit our love for games/board games this month (and beyond).
Pete and I love  board games so we had a great time playing Chutes and  Ladders, Life, and Uno.

One Sunday,  the girls and I baked some cupcakes.

Grace had her very first birthday party in early March.
She wanted to get super "fancy" :)

My whole world...

My mom came to help watch the kids during  their spring break and visit the last week in March.  This was also Claire's birthday and they had a great time hanging out together. 

Claire and Grace couldn't believe Grandma had never seen Frozen!
Here they are snuggled  up and ready to watch:

On Claire's birthday, we went to Chucke Cheese and had a pretty good time.
Three small kids in a crowded place is pretty stressful but thankfully my mom was there and Pete  met us on his lunch break.  Here are some pictures from Chucke Cheese:

For dinner, we went to "Dan Pablas" as Claire  likes to  call  it.  A few years ago when we went, the hat and singing scared her so much.  She liked it this time  and it was a very fun dinner.

Pete and I went a little crazy for her  birthday party this year.  She wanted Frozen themed and since Pete and  I  both enjoy the movie, we had fun coming up with decorations and activities.  Here are some pictures from her birthday party:

The kids continue to LOVE  to bake with Grammy :)

The kids love bowling  SO much that we went back towards the end of March and they had just as much fun.  Some of the pictures are blurry,   but you can see the anticipatory excitement!

This pretty much sums up our March.  I am sure there are things   that I am  missing but (unfortunately) since I am so behind, I can't think of the little details from the month!

Hopefully I can stay more on top of things in the future! :)

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